Due to the mixing and churning of the residents on the slums, most of the Alumni since the last nearly Three Decades have been lost to us. But at our present centres we have an Alumni meet every Second Saturday. We have over 300 of our Younger Alumni attending these functions. We are keen to register our Alumni where ever they may be.

Youth Program

 1980 – 1990, over 1000 youth inducted into industry

Street Children Program

From 1999, 300-500 admissions to Govt schools annually. Over 20 years, nearly 7500 children joined the formal school system or were able to pick up jobs


For 9 years, provided informal education to over 1000 children from nearly 20 jhuggi clusters.


Since  2004, Baghban  helped provide dignity to about 100 old women

Working Children’s Program

From 2006, through the Working Children’s Program trained over 600 girls in skills like tailoring, cooking, beauty care embroidery and bridge education

Computer Training

Over the past nearly Six years, nearly a Thousand children have been trained by us.

Coaching Program

Coaching program helped over 300 in school children reach class XI 


Vineet 17 (Now Open Shelter)

From 2006, Vineet 17 is home for   25 working children “without local family ties”   Nearly 200 children have used this ‘nest’ to increase their working ability.

In addition many  Street Children take benefit of our Two Open Shelters and their Contact Points